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Paradise exists, we found it.
For our recent Summer 17 campaign CAMINHO, we travelled to the Island of the God’s, Bali. We wanted our first campaign to resonate with our desire to discover hidden paradises and exotic cultures, and Bali was the perfect candidate.
Shot amongst the rugged cliff tops and vibrant green jungle, Impossible beach is completely secluded.


Indaia Swim photoshoot behind the scenes, Bali, bingin, impossible beach, travel, holiday
Indaia Swim shoot day 1 view from location, nature, palm tree, ocean, beach, impossibles beach


Straight off the plane and ready for adventure, we headed North to the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud. Here we sourced locally made accessories and beautiful rattan bags to be featured in our shoot. After a two-hour drive through bustling traffic and relentless horns, we arrived in Uluwatu eager to get to our shoots final destination.


Indaia Swim, blog, photoshoot, blue & white bikini, bohemian, rustic, beach, nature


Indaia Swim, Bali, hidden paradise, nature, beach, track, caminho, photoshoot


Only minutes away, but completely hidden we climbed down a steep rock path and were greeted with a view of real life paradise. A beautiful rustic wooden house, blue skies, ocean at the door step, salty sea breeze, rugged cliff tops, the greenest green, surrounded by nature and not a person in sight, we were in heaven.


Indaia Swim, Impossible house, Island, beach, view, bingin, paradise, photoshoot


Indaia Swim, beach house, palm tree, sunset, cheeky bikini, bum, bottom
We were lucky enough to stay at the Impossible House nestled against the cliffs, on the waters edge. The three-story bungalow features rustic timber, soft white textiles and an overall feel of simple luxury. Absolute island life.
Indaia swim photoshoot, rustic house, nature, bamboo, cliff, paradise, travel, adventure


Indaia swim behind the scenes photoshoot, Impossible house, rustic, Bali

Indaia Swim, beach house, rattan bag, details, bamboo, bikini, swimwear, top, underwire, morning, bed, dusty pink

Shoot day one we were awake with the sun and excited to be shooting our beautiful Muses Madeline Relph, Coco Sirens and Raluca Cojocaru. Our amazing photographer was Amberly Valentine who captured our vision with ease. Only naturally, we were blessed with another dreamy day. We even got a visit from some monkeys!


Indaia Swim, behind the scenes, photography, Amberly Valentine, model, flower
 Indaia Swim, shower, summer, nature, wet, salt water, refresh
Day two we finished up in the afternoon, soaking up the sun, balmy air and the crystal clear water at our feet. The entire crew was in high spirits, after two days shooting our first campaign with such a beautiful team and great success. We couldn’t be happier.
Indaia Swim, house, bed, rustic, bamboo, relax, hammock, beach, holiday, bikini life


Indaia Swim, photoshoot, behind the scenes, bts, hair & make up, model, one piece, nautical


Our Bali experience was something special. Beautiful one day, perfect the next.
We really were worlds apart from real life.


Indaia Team x


Photographer: Amberly Valentine
HMU: Little Leeyah & Kat O’hara
Muses: Madeline Relph, Coco Sirens, Raluca Cojocaru
Accomodation: Impossible House / Island houses
Location: Impossible Beach, Uluwatu
Images' Source: Indaia Swim archive, Impossibles House




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