Indaia SwimFor the wanderlust soul

She was born to wander, with a gypsy heart, she spends her days chasing the sun and exploring hidden paradises.

Meet Indaia Swim, the sustainable swimwear label created with inspiration from far-off places and childhood memories. 

Pronounced " Indai-ah ".  The word alludes to my ancestrals. Indaia translates to palm tree in the Tupi Guarani, the indigenous dialect spoken in tribes in Amazon and others part of Brazil. The brand was born from the idea to encompass the true beauty of the female spirit with wild hearts and a love for life. 

Combining the australian free spirit with brazilian soul, Indaia is a fusion of styles and influences. Our references come from what we value most in life, embracing the beauty of nature and exotic cultures. Beautiful colours and timeless prints that are inspired by dreamy hideaways around the world is our true essence.

Our purpose is to create swimwear that inspires the gypsy spirit within each of us by creating beautiful designs inspired by tropical oasis. Our luxurious fabrics have a soft hand feel making our pieces timeless and a dream to wear. 

Indaia swim aims to inspire all women to feel beautiful and unique in our designs whilst honouring sustainable practices.

All garments and prints are proudly designed in Australia by our founder. Our latest collection, New Wave, marks our biggest move towards sustainability. Important steps were taken to ensure our small brand is part of the slow fashion movement. We focus on small runs of exclusive timeless pieces. Our fabrics are sustainably sourced from Italy and Bali and our garments are now ethically handmade in Australia. 

We are continually on a quest to provide the perfect bikini fit for everybody.

Meet the founder
Meet the founder 

I am Juliana, designer and founder of Indaia.
My love for the beach started many moons ago, in my childhood. Growing up in Brazil in a town far from the Ocean created a special appreciation for the beach at a young age. The whole family would look forward to the school holidays (or any public holiday) when we headed to our beach house located at a small idyllic beachside town. We would cherish the precious laid-back sunny days like no other.
As years went by, this connection with the beach has grown more and more. At teen days, my friend and I would adventure to the most far-off undiscovered fisherman villages and spent the best summer holidays around crystal clear waters and tropical nature.
Soon, this love became a necessity. I needed to leave at the beach! That’s when as soon as I finished Uni, I decided to meet the other side of the world. Since then, Australia is home and the beach is just steps away from my door. This lifestyle encouraged me to pursue a long lost dream: be a swimwear designer.
I’ve always been into fashion and styling; I guess it runs on the family. Grandma owned a small boutique back in the days and mom sew clothes at her teens as a hobby. She taught me how to sew and this become our bond. But life took me to a completely different side. I got into environmental studies and this lead to work, which I loved, but something was missing…
So here in Australia, I chased my dream. I studied design and specialised in textile. After working for 6 years in the swimwear industry and gaining invaluable experience, I felt the need to take a step forward create what I couldn’t find in Australian market: feminine pieces that give you the confidence to show your skin in an authentic and original way whilst being environmentally conscious. On Summer 2017, Indaia Swim was born!
It brings much joy knowing that I am creating something that can help women feel confident in their on skin.  It is a ongoing process and I am always looking at improving our practises towards conscious fashion and empowering women of all shapes and cultures.
All textile prints are designed by me taking inspiration a sense of nostalgia which is a reflexion of my life experiences, making every piece unique and exclusive.
Thank you for joining me in this adventure and supporting my brand.  
Xx Jules
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