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Travel Diary - European Summer with our dear friend @juarnaldi


Kalimera, fellow sun-seekers!


As no european summer holiday is complete without a visit to Greece, we will share with you the highlights of a recent trip to Milos, a volcanic Greek island in the Aegean Sea.
If you have been to Greece before, you know what the vibe is all about: stunning beaches, amazing food, friendly locals, sunny days & balmy nights, postcard worthy view, cute white-washed walls, endless swims in crystal clear waters and vibrant night-lif­­e.
Milos as the photos will verify was no different… except for the fact that it’s a small island and therefore attracts less crowds and more interactions with locals…





To get around Milos, we rented quad bikes & it really added another layer of fun, freedom and adventure to our days exploring the island. Every day we woke up to an awesome sunrise from our balcony, grabbed brekkie in town at a friendly and delicious bakery (Fournos Artemis) whose owner would greet us every morning, Kalimera, smile and give us free freshly baked goodies and we would then set out on our quad to explore Milo’s amazing beaches and villages.




We visited pretty much every beach on the island that could be accessed by car/quad/scooter and we also did a boat tour, which took us to beaches only accessible by the water.
Here’s a breakdown of our 5 fave beaches:
Sarakiniko - has very dramatic rock formation and makes you feel like you are in a different planet. This beach has also got awesome rock jumping spots.



Firopotamos - the road to get to this beach can be a bit scary at times, but totally worth it. There is also great spots for rock jumping and the water is amazing. Be sure to visit the lookout as well for breathtaking views.





Firiplaka - also a lovely beach and the only from our top 5 offering a bar & beach chairs. This beach can get really busy but it’s definitely worth a visit.




Tsigadro – to get to this beach a bit of courage is required (rope & makeshift wooden ladder involved) but a very worthwhile reward awaits… secluded beach & crystal waters.





Last but not least is...
Papafragas – to get to this lovely secluded beach, you need to make your way via “stairs” carved on the rock which is a bit scary. The beach is great and you can swim through holes on the rocks and explore the ocean around the beach.



Feeling hungry? I don’t think it’s possible to get a bad meal in the whole of Greece however, one of our fave spots to grab a bite to eat was in Pollonia. The area has a lot of restaurant options with lovely views. We chose Molos and had an incredible Octopus. You cannot go to Milos (and for that matter Greece) and not have Octopus.



Plaka is another lovely area on the island – it has a lot of restaurants and shops and it has got one of the best sunset views on the island.
Our favourite restaurant in Plaka was Archontoula which serves traditional Greek food, home style and a must-do whilst in Milos is enjoy a few sunset drinks from Utopia Café (be sure to be there early as it’s a famous spot).



Another great restaurant closer to Adamas area is Navagio. Great octopus, cold beer & nice selection of vino all by the water.  I also recommend having a few Gyros in Adamas at a lively place with great service, delicious and cheap food – O Gyros Tis Milou.





Whilst quadding away around in Milos, we came across a lot of cute places and hidden paradises such as Klima and Madrakia. The island has dozens of beaches waiting to be explored. We totes loved spending summer in Milos.

See you around Indaia girls.


Jules xx




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