Preview Campaign


Kalliste means “the most beautiful one”.  It’s origin comes from the greek mythology: the name of the sea-nymph who live in the Aegean island known as island of Kalliste, now Santorini.

This is our next stop. Our Winter 18 campaign was shot amongst the beautiful pastel hues of Oia. Summer lights, mesmerising ocean views and picturesque hidden corners set the pace of this laid back European Summer holidays adventure filled with a vintage mood.  

Our second range is inspired by this beautiful piece of the earth and how we see it. To us, Santorini takes us back to its origin, the home of the earth-nymph. The ancient history, the femininity, the beauty... Vintage inspired pieces, floral print, delicate textures and darker red and emerald tones make Kalliste a tribute to beautiful and strong women.     

Join us on this travel back in time!